Having Chris there to guide me on constructing & providing feedback to my company helped me to progress my career through an actionable development plan.

Sarah Desierto

Operations Manager from Undisclosed US based company

I met Chris through our MBA studies with AIB and we had a number of similar subjects together. Chris is incredibly smart and is never short of ideas. He is one of the most generous and helpful people I know, both professionally and as a study buddy. In every study group we were in together, he was one of the leaders facilitating the study sessions and schedules while keeping others on track and motivated when things got hard – always unstinting in sharing his vast expanse of industry knowledge and ideas. I have high regards for his opinion as I have found them to be deeply insightful, logical and well thought out. I consider Chris to be an extremely valuable professional who can always be counted on to get things done to the highest standard and would recommend him to any organisation that was seeking a strategic thinker who has the knowledge, training and experience to back it up.

Siew Wei Goh

Manager, Geospatial Services from Rizing EAM

Working with Chris definitely helped my management team get more excited about their tasks and gave them innovative ideas how they can work more effectively. The strategic planning session and SWOT analysis are really helping out with the success rates of each line of business

Jeff Alonsabe

Co-Founder & Director from Solutions-101

I was hired by Chris and immediately, I was impressed with how he conducted my interview. He steered away from the traditional way of assessing an applicant and had integrated a better, good-natured way of evaluating potential and capabilities. Working with him for a number of years, I appreciated his constant willingness to share and help the team to work cohesively.

Korskie Villafuerte

from Graycorp

I strongly recommend engaging with Chris if you are looking to build momentum in your business and kick strategic goals!

Richard Bates

CEO from Acumen Data

Chris does not only offer quick solutions, but also effective frameworks for teams ensuring operational efficiency on all fronts. He is able to pinpoint problem areas and convert them to opportunities by setting up Agile-based processes and added value services guaranteed to satisfy both employees and the clients.

Paul Jeremy Villaruel

Head, IT Applications from DP World

The guidance, support and mentoring provided by Chris has been exceptional. I always look forward to our monthly coffee & chat!

Charlotte Sabado

QA Manager from Acumen Data

Chris has a determined focus on developing teams through personal mentoring, structured training and strong project management skills their implementations have been first class.

Karl Mitmannsgruber

Chief Operating Officer from EMAPTA Offshore Staffing