Testimonial Page

Siew Wei Goh

Manager, Geospatial Services at Rizing EAM

I met Chris through our MBA studies with AIB and we had a number of similar subjects together. Chris is incredibly smart and is never short of ideas. He is one of the most generous and helpful people I know, both professionally and as a study buddy. In every study group we were in together, he was one of the leaders facilitating the study sessions and schedules while keeping others on track and motivated when things got hard – always unstinting in sharing his vast expanse of industry knowledge and ideas. I have high regards for his opinion as I have found them to be deeply insightful, logical and well thought out. I consider Chris to be an extremely valuable professional who can always be counted on to get things done to the highest standard and would recommend him to any organisation that was seeking a strategic thinker who has the knowledge, training and experience to back it up.