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Strategy & Advisory

I am passionate about talking strategy and enjoy spending time with organisations to understand their vision and advising them on their strategies and execution to achieve their goals.


I take pride in the leadership I have displayed in my relationships: professional & personal. Identifying, coaching & growing leadership qualities in others inspires me to be a better leader myself.

Offshoring & BPO

Through my many operational roles, I have been tasked with building a number of offshored teams, and the people I met, and the difference I have made to their lives and businesses inspired Change Fox.

SDLS & agile

I have spent the majority of my career working in the software development industry and understand the complexities of delivering a product to market and servicing customers.

My story

My professional vision is to be regularly engaging with and positively influencing current and future leaders in technology businesses and community services. I have challenged myself to use my 15+ years of business experience and MBA education to further develop my network and engage with innovative and socially significant leaders and/or organisations in an advisory capacity.

I have many years experience in a wide range of professional fields including strategy & execution, team management, project management and leadership. I combine this with an open, direct, straightforward communication style to add value to any organisation or projects that I work on.

Trusted by

Founder & CEO Acumen Data

"I strongly recommend engaging with Chris if you are looking to build momentum in your business and kick strategic goals!"

Chris has a determined focus on developing teams through personal mentoring, structured training and strong project management skills their implementations have been first class.

Karl Mitmannsgruber

Chief Operating Officer from EMAPTA Offshore Staffing

I strongly recommend engaging with Chris if you are looking to build momentum in your business and kick strategic goals!

Richard Bates

CEO from Acumen Data

Chris does not only offer quick solutions, but also effective frameworks for teams ensuring operational efficiency on all fronts. He is able to pinpoint problem areas and convert them to opportunities by setting up Agile-based processes and added value services guaranteed to satisfy both employees and the clients.

Paul Jeremy Villaruel

Head, IT Applications from DP World

Personal Projects

My Reflections

My Reflections is a passion project; the idea has been floating around in my head for many years; largely because reflection has been an important aspect of my life for many years — but for many years my reflection habits were primarily focused on my professional life; a tool to improve my work performance and outcomes as well as utilising “reflection-style” tools such as project reviews and sprint retrospectives.

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Medication Timer

Medication Timer is an app available on the Apple App StoreGoogle Play or via the web app at https://launch.medicationtimer.com and was developed to reduce the stress associated with managing a child's fever by;

  • Tracking 24hrs of medication intake and showing a simple countdown timer that tells you when you can and should administer another dose safely. No more over-dosing and also no more under-dosing, where your child is in pain because you can't remember exactly when you gave them their last dose.
  • Tracking temperature readings and symptoms over 24hrs to show trends and the effects of your medication intake

This allows you to make the best decisions for your family and their health!

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My Meeting Planner

My meeting planner is a free tool & web app for planning meetings across multiple timezones. Especially handy for co-located teams to find the best meeting times quickly and easily. The web app can be installed as a PWA while supporting local storage for settings and timezone sets.

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Jaxon's Universe

Jaxon's Universe is a game available on the Apple App StoreGoogle Play or via the web app at https://www.jaxonsuniverse.com and was created for my son Jaxon Alan who is 2 years old and obsessed with his planets and dwarf planets. We have spent hours together reading planet books, watching YouTube videos, visiting the Australian Space Discovery Center and singing songs about planets. I wanted to find an app or game that would help to encourage his learning while being fun and engaging.

Everything I found was littered with annoying adverts, had payment gates to subscribe to get to more advanced games or to get rid of the before-mentioned annoying ads and was not as engaging as I wanted; and so Jaxon's Universe was created!

I worked closely with my subject matter expert (Jaxon) and went through numerous iterations and tests, which were tremendously fun and enjoyable!

  • Multiple game modes (quiz and spelling games)
  • Exploration mode to cycle learn fun facts
  • Facts and questions are optionally vocalised to make learning faster and easier!
  • Included easy and advanced difficulty levels
  • Planets & dwarf planets topics
  • No advertisements
  • No signup or registration is required
  • No subscriptions or in-app purchases
  • Local storage only, no cloud storage and so no need for subscriptions or aggressive upselling

Playing this game will help your little one too;

  • Recognise and name planets
  • Expand their knowledge of our solar system
  • Read and spell

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