What I am all about?

Engaging with and positively influencing current and future leaders in technology businesses and community services. I have challenged myself to use my 15+ years of business experience and MBA education to further develop my network and engage with innovative and socially significant leaders and/or organisations in an advisory capacity.

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September 2020

Stress really affects people in different ways, and we all have differing “stress profiles” based on our personality, experience, training and everything else going on around us at that moment.

Tips for effectively managing stress

August 2020

I finally bought myself a Chromebook and thought it would be fun to share how I went in my first week!

A Week With Chrome OS

August 2020

Reflection is an important part of my life overall, but it is often overlooked as a means of growing both personally & professionally

Reflection is the power tool to personal & professional growth

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Leadership eWorkshop - Limited Spots Available

This is not another session about vision & values! This eWorkshop will take you through many neglected topics and principles of leadership including; the nature of leadership, the relationship between leaders, followers and the situation, dark leadership traits, power & influence & importantly how an effective leader puts all of those things together to inspire their teams!

Areas of expertise


I am passionate about talking strategy and enjoy spending time with other leaders and entrepreneurs to talk to them about their strategies, strengths and weaknesses, of course over a coffee or three.


I take pride in the leadership I have displayed in my relationships: professional & personal. Identifying, coaching & growing leadership qualities in others inspires me to be a better leader myself.

Team development

The teams I have built are effective, productive & supportive of the business and each other. They are truly my greatest acomplishments and I am emencly proud of what they have achieved!

Change management

At the core of what my businesses do and my coffee discussions with other leaders is a desire to inspire and motivate the community around me to change for the better.

Offshoring and BPO

Through my operational roles, I have been tasked with building a number of offshored teams, and the people I met, and the difference I made to their lives inspired Change Fox.

SDLS & agile

I have spent the majority of my career working in the software development industry and understand the complexities of delivering a product to market and servicing customers.

Agile Strategic Management Engagements

Many of my engagements started at the top; the implementation of agile strategic management processes for SME's. This is a great way to get your business focused on what is the most important results you need and increase the visibility of your goals, KPI's or OCR's

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Acumen Data
JDC Security Solutions
Bellsystem24 & Hoa Sao

What people say

Having Chris there to guide me on constructing & providing feedback to my company helped me to progress my career through an actionable development plan.

Sarah Desierto

Undisclosed US based company

Chris has a determined focus on developing teams through personal mentoring, structured training and strong project management skills their implementations have been first class.

Karl Mitmannsgruber

EMAPTA Offshore Staffing

The guidance, support and mentoring provided by Chris has been exceptional. I always look forward to our monthly coffee & chat!

Charlotte Sabado

Acumen Data

About Me.

I have many years experience in a wide range of professional fields including strategic planning & execution, team management, project management, entrepreneurship and leadership and combine this with an open, direct, straightforward communication style to add a tremendous amount of value to your organisation or projects through timely feedback and approaches