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Leadership for new leaders

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James Klark
Creative director
Team  and project leads

Often the first step on our professional leadership journey is an opportunity to be "team lead" or "project lead". While this is a less formal role, team and project lead opportunities are often used as a way to test potential leaders within an organization. Understanding leadership and its core concepts will help you deliver effectively and open yourself to more formal leadership positions in the future.

Managers and leaders

Existing managers and leaders in an organization have not always had a thorough introduction to what leadership is and how you can be a great leader. It is valuable to explore leadership theory to level-up your leadership skills and get the most out of yourself and those who follow you.

leadership students

For those who have chosen to undertake leadership studies part of your studies, such as an MBA, can get a head-start on your Leadership subject.

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Chris Winfield-Blum

Chris has been working in leadership roles for over 20 years now. He has built and managed highly effective operational teams in Australia, Philippines and Malaysia and takes great pride in developing his team members and leading through example, compassion and empathy.