My approach is different

Engagements are uniquely designed to drive innovation, reflection and positive outcomes by combining traditional strategic planning approaches with agile scrum principles. However, the key difference between my engagements and many coaching/mentoring services is that I play a key role in the planning, monitoring & execution of your objectives

Here's how it all starts...

A flexible approach that will best support your business growth and professional development

Whether you require one-on-one or one-on-many coaching or mentoring with you or your leadership team, there is an engagement that will help you and your business

Quarterly strategic planning sessions are used to get focused on strategically important tasks

Engagements include quarterly strategic planning sessions to review business status and progress while being used to define next step targets for the business or team

Regular agile processes provide structure for your team while building & maintaining momentum

As part of the engagement, we will agree on the frequency of typical agile process such as; backlog development, backlog grooming, sprint planning, scrums & retrospectives

How can I help you, your leadership group and your organisation

These services all support the fundamental agile principles that your future engagement will adopt. They are specifically designed to define your strategic position and objectives, backlog the required tasks to succeed and of course, execute effectively

Strategic Analysis

I will work with you & your team to review, analyse & provide actionable recommendations for professional and business growth using important strategy management tools & approaches

Strategic Planning

I will work with you and your team to develop business strategies and objectives that will achieve the results required for competitive advantage through the creation of a comprehensive backlog of work

Strategic Execution

The most important aspect of our engagement is that I will work with your organisation to build effective work & productivity habits to shake the "I didn't get time" mentality & achieve your organisational objectives

These services are core parts of all of my engagements but we can commit additional energy into one or more to meet your organisational requirements


I work with your organisation as a coach or scrum master to drive the successful completion of your strategic initiatives and at the same time the professional development of your leadership group


I will work one-on-one with your leadership group to develop soft skills such as leadership, strategy, productivity, reflection and continuous feedback habits that will change the way your organisation operates

Project Management

I will ask as your strategic project manager, driving the planning processes, breakdown and backlog of work, scheduling and monitoring of results and of course report to key stakeholders

Change Management

Change is an aspect of business that people struggle with & it is also at the core of any strategic initiative so I will work with your team to ensure they understand the changes being made and know their place in it

Product Management

I can add specialised expertise related to product management such as; agile methodologies, software development life cycle, prototyping, market analysis & segmentation and resource planning and management

Let's get started then

Convinced this is something that's of interest to you and your organisation?