What I am all about?

Ethically and empathetically growing my businesses while engaging with and positively influencing current and future leaders in business and community services. I have challenged myself to use my 15+ years of business experience and MBA education to further develop my network and engage with innovative and socially significant leaders and/or organisations in an advisory capacity.

Priding myself on my honest, direct and freely offered feedback and advice to those around me I believe in a "pay it forward" approach to my time with others. For every "coffee" discussion where I listen and provide my thoughts and opinions to others, I learn valuable insights for reflection leading to personal and professional growth. For everybody who I give advice to, I hope that somebody will return the favour.

Leadership eWorkshop - Limited Spots Available

This is not another session about vision & values! This eWorkshop will take you through many neglected topics and principles of leadership including; the nature of leadership, the relationship between leaders, followers and the situation, dark leadership traits, power & influence & importantly how an effective leader puts all of those things together to inspire their teams!

Areas of expertise


I am passionate about talking strategy and enjoy spending time with other leaders and entrepreneurs to talk to them about their strategies, strengths and weaknesses, of course over a coffee or three.


I take pride in the leadership I have displayed in my relationships: professional & personal. Identifying, coaching & growing leadership qualities in others inspires me to be a better leader myself.

Team development

The teams I have built are effective, productive & supportive of the business and each other. They are truly my greatest acomplishments and I am emencly proud of what they have achieved!

Change management

At the core of what my businesses do and my coffee discussions with other leaders is a desire to inspire and motivate the community around me to change for the better.

Offshoring and BPO

Through my operational roles, I have been tasked with building a number of offshored teams, and the people I met, and the difference I made to their lives inspired Change Fox.

SDLS & agile

I have spent the majority of my career working in the software development industry and understand the complexities of delivering a product to market and servicing customers.

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July 4, 2020

What people say

I strongly recommend engaging with Chris if you are looking to build momentum in your business and kick strategic goals!

Acumen Data

The guidance, support and mentoring provided by Chris has been exceptional. I always look forward to our monthly coffee & chat!

Acumen Data

I was hired by Chris and immediately, I was impressed with how he conducted my interview. He steered away from the traditional way of assessing an applicant and had integrated a better, good-natured way of evaluating potential and capabilities. Working with him for a number of years, I appreciated his constant willingness to share and help the team to work cohesively.


About Me.

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My interests


I have been fortunate to travel extensively for both work and pleasure; living in Australia, Malaysia, USA and the Philippines. I love meeting new people and experiencing different cultures and believe it is important to grow myself as a person while expanding my understanding of people in general and how best to lead them.


Coffee is an important part of my personal and business reflection time and it helps that I really enjoy my coffee time. I have had a shot or two in some of the most amazing places around the world. I like to merge my passion of travel with my passion for coffee. My order for when we enjoy a coffee together.. espresso machiatto!


I am an avid sports fan; playing and watching many sports but especially basketball (Let's go Chicago Bulls) and AFL aka Australia Rules Football (Go you Crows!). I particularly enjoy team / ball sports and prefer to be out there participating if I can be.


I am a firm believer that reading is a key aspect of professional growth and also relaxation. I enjoy reading business, leadership and non-fiction books as well as staying up to date on new technologies. If you have any recommendations let me know!

The below are some of my recommendations for you to read too;

  • The Leadership Challenge: One of my favourite leadership books, great people who are new to leadership/management responsibilities
  • The One Thing: A great read about prioritisation of work and staying focussed on your most important, value add tasks
  • Game of Thrones: If you enjoyed the HBO TV Series, then you will enjoy the books, just don't get too attached to any characters