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I'm Chris Winfield-Blum

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Coaching Engagements

There are many benefits to engaging with a business coach or mentor, but I do things slightly differently. I don't simply show up once a month for a board meeting or recycle the same strategic planning tools every quarter. Together we analyse your market and organisation and define targets, actions and tasks that need to be successfully executed to reach your professional and business goals.


You should know that I deliver these engagements personally, you will not be dealing with an assistant or another consultant, but this means that positions are limited.


Application of agile principles to strategic planning, execution and management

My coaching engagements are uniquely designed to drive innovation, reflection and position outcomes by combining traditional strategic planning approaches with agile scrum principles.


A flexible approach that will best support your business growth and professional development

Whether you require one-on-one coaching, mentoring or accountability partnership or one-on-many coaching of your leadership team, there is an engagement that will help you and your business.


Quarterly strategic planning sessions

All engagements include quarterly strategic planning sessions to review business status and progress while being used to define next step targets for the business or team. These sessions may include, amongst other approaches and depending on needs, group SWOT and/or PESTEL analysis to better understand market and business position, challenges and required actions.


Regular agile processes

As part of the engagement, we will agree on the frequency of typical agile process such as;

  • backlog development - mostly achieved through above mentioned strategic planning sessions
  • backlog grooming - updated to reflect business priorities
  • sprint planning - run fortnightly or monthly to coincide with agreed sprint length
  • scrums - run twice-weekly or weekly (because we know you're busy and daily scrums is overkill for strategic execution usually!)
  • retrospectives - run fortnightly or monthly to coincide with agreed sprint length


Free subscription and setup of your Online Scrums team

Every engagement comes with a free subscription to www.onlinescrums.com to assist with the definition of targets, work breakdown, sprint processes and importantly retrospectives to encourage continuous improvement.


Additional benefits

On top of all of those amazing engagement features, as an active engagement, you also get access to the below benefits!

  • Access to strategic advisory
  • Discounted project rates for intensive strategic project execution
  • Discounted day rates for internal training and development sessions


So... how much?

Engagement packages start at a ridiculously low $500USD / month but send me a message or make a time to chat using the below coffee / call scheduler and we can agree on how your engagement is going to work and get things rolling today!


Want to get in touch or partake in coffee?